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Having a variety of teams specially made for business/data analysis, planning and implementation is necessary in order to create business impact which includes sales increase, operation efficiency, new products/ services by analyzing stored data of a company.

We, at DataStrategy find hidden possibilities and sort issues of a company/business by analyzing data.
Depending on the problems, we form team members with various specialities besides data analysis skills. Strategies are planned to create business impact based on material/ immaterial assets, data, and AI methods, which may vary in each company/business. We lead all the processes from the strategy planning, implementation to continuous optimization.

Board Member

  • takeda

    代表取締役 /
    Chief Executive Officer

    武田 元彦

    Motohiko Takeda



    Motohiko Takeda has his master’s degree in economics from Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo. Before Data Strategy, his career as a data analyst started at Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc., which led him to a nonprofit organization, and then to a freelancer position. Motohiko dealt with data analysis, technology consulting and marketing strategy planning at a major mobile phone company, a commercial bank and a technology startup. He was involved in developing machine learning, artificial intelligence model, and service prototype. Motohiko is a regional economy advisor for Toyooka city office in Hyogo prefecture, as well as a part-time marketing science/ information processing lecturer at Teikyo University.

  • takenaka

    取締役 /
    Chief Marketing Officer

    竹中 野歩

    Nobu Takenaka

    Procter & Gamble (神戸・シンガポール) Brand Manager, QUANTUM Inc. Marketing Director (東京・シリコンバレー)を経て現職。一貫して10年間マーケティングを担当。洗濯洗剤等の消費財から先端テクノロジーを用いたIoTプラットフォーム・機械学習まで幅広く、コンセプト開発からマーケティング視点を取り入れた製品開発、事業の成長にフォーカスしたテレビCM・デジタル・オフライン店舗・戦略PR等の統合マーケティングを行う。九州大学大学院 学術研究員。


    Nobu Takenaka has his bachelor’s degree in environmental information from Keio University. Prior to Data Strategy, he started his career as a brand manager at Procter & Gamble (Kobe/ Singapore) and then became a marketing director at QUANTUM Inc. (Tokyo/ Silicon Valley). He has 10 years of experience in marketing. Nobu was responsible for various projects such as consumer products including laundry detergent, IoT platforms incorporating the latest technology, and machine learning. He dealt with integrated marketing and developing and actualizing product ideas from the standpoint of marketing analysis. His integrated marketing also includes TV commercials, online/ offline stores and strategic PR that focuses on business growth. Nobu works as an academic researcher at Kyushu University Graduate School.

Team Member

  • kuwano

    Technical Engineer

    桑野 友紀

    Yuki Kuwano



    Yuki Kuwano has her bachelor’s degree in engineering from Kyushu University. Prior to Data Strategy, she built her career at Toto Ltd. and as a freelancer. She was responsible for the research and development of the next generation toilet and study of the heat exchanger which is one of the core parts in bidet-toilets. Yuki succeeded in reducing the device size to one half, based on the fluid and heat transfer engineering. She was involved in the unit development for almost all the major products. Her research results have been applied for patents and built a patent network. Yuki is responsible for technological research and patent research in the manufacturing sector at Data Strategy.

  • watanabe

    Engineer /
    Data Science Manager

    渡邉 孝文

    Takafumi Watanabe

    大阪大学大学院情報科学研究科情報ネットワーク学専攻卒。大学では無線 LAN や バイナリセンサを利用した人物追跡の研究を行う。
    専門分野: 機械学習、深層学習、データマイニング、行動認識技術、技術開発全般。


    Takafumi Watanabe has his master’s degree in information science and technology from Osaka University Graduate School of Information Science and Technology. He studied multi-person tracking using wireless LAN and binary sensors. He did a research on human behavior recognition technologies incorporating sensor data, built a infrastructure for large-scale data processing, and developed data mining technologies including machine learning at a research center of a major communications carrier. Later on, Takafumi engaged in large-scale data analysis and implementation of strategies based on the analytical results at a web-based company. Specialities: machine learning, deep learning, data mining, human behavior recognition technologies, and general technology development.

  • kimura

    Researcher /
    Industry Specialist

    木村 紋子

    Ayako Kimura



    Ayako Kimura has her Ph.D in engineering from Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo. She studied traffic congestion based on hydrodynamics throughout her university years. Her career started at Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. before becoming a freelancer. She has experience in working for the government with her research on transport policy for automobiles, railways and airlines. Ayako also worked with private institutes, developing new products in automobile and ITS sectors and consulted for overseas promotions. Specialities: airlines, space, traffic, hydrodynamics, automobiles, ITS, connected cars.

  • yoshii

    Business Development

    吉井 秀三

    Shuzo Yoshii

    専門分野: 事業開発、新規事業開発。


    Shuzo Yoshii has his bachelor’s degree in economics from Dokkyo University. He worked for 20 years as one of the founding members at a web-based startup company. Shuzo started a number of new businesses using social media including blog services, online games, online election and ridesharing. He was a CEO of a subsidiary branch. Specialities: business development, new business development

  • sato

    Business Development /

    佐藤 学

    Manabu Sato



    Manabu Sato has his bachelor’s degree in economics from Nihon University. He worked for Fintech as an engineer before becoming the third generation of a development manager then a product manager at Cybozu, Inc.. Manabu started his own business by providing AI startup support and consulting service in 2016. He is a part-time lecturer at Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, based in Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and Estonia.

  • kubo


    久保 健治

    Kenji Kubo



    Prior to Data Strategy, Kenji Kubo was a historian, a special lecturer at Tokyo Institute of Technology, and established History Design Inc., which provides strategic branding and marketing consulting services incorporating histories and cultures. History Design Inc. transforms history and culture into economic value while maintaining culture itself. He covers sightseeing, product development and local revitalization, etc. He is also an ex-visiting researcher for Japan Travel Bureau Foundation (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation) and a part-time lecturer at Chuo University and Kanda University of International Studies. He has a master’s degree in history. He is CEO of History Design Inc..

  • nakamura


    中村 晃一

    Koichi Nakamura



    Koichi Nakamura completed Ph.D program without dissertation in Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo and founded Idein Inc.. He did his research on optimizing compilers for high performance computing system in his university years. He is founder and CEO of Idein Inc. which develops machine learning models and its applied applications, and tackles problems including high-performance and low-latency inference.

  • 法人名称
  • データストラテジー株式会社 / DataStrategy Inc.
  • 所在地
  • 東京都港区赤坂8-4-14 青山タワープレイス8F Fabbit青山 109号室
  • 設立
  • 2016年5月
  • 代表取締役
  • 武田 元彦
  • Corporate name
  • Data Strategy Co., Ltd. / DataStrategy Inc.
  • Location
  • Fabbit Aoyama 109, 8F, 8-4-14, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052, Japan
  • Establishment
  • May 2016
  • Representative
  • Director Motohiko Takeda